EPLAN Platform, Version 2.9 Is Here!

QR codes: Typing is a thing of the past!

You can now create QR codes in EPLAN Platform, Version 2.9. This allows you to store hyperlinks in your documentation that an app on your mobile device can then scan and immediately open.
Your Added Value:
- Both internal and external links can be used without tediously typing them out on mobile devices. It also works with printed documentation.

Make your own mark! Easily replace symbols in placeholder objects

You can now replace symbols in placeholder objects by selecting the value sets.
Your Added Value:
- You need fewer macro variants.

Now Dockable: Layer management

Layer management has become even more convenient than before as a dockable dialogue: all changes are now automatically saved. Additional functions round off the new layer management, including searching for layers and changing their attributes. Searching for all objects that have been assigned to a particular layer in a project or sub-project is now even easier and more convenient. Afterwards you can change the attributes of the searched layer through the properties dialogue of a found object.

Your Added Value:
- Quickly find and correct layers that have been imported into to your project via DXF or DWG or ones you are using as user-defined layers.
- Easy-to-use customization and definitions let you implement your company standards in the same way as you can in navigators or in message management.
- Edit layers and objects in a targeted and convenient manner.

This way! Expansion of the navigator display

The previous version of EPLAN Platform had already transformed the list presentation of the Macro Navigators into a table that can be edited. In the new version, this function has been expanded to additional navigators including the Device Navigator, the PLC Navigator and the Wire Navigator.

Your Added Value:

- Edit reams of project data at the drop of a hat.

Macros – Too practical to only be used once


You’ve finalized a macro project? Excellent – then you can now simply drag & drop your finished, standardized macros out of the Macro Navigator to add them to other projects. This naturally also works within the macro or schematic project in which you created the window macros and symbol macros.

Your Added Value:

- It is no longer necessary to laboriously make the selection via the Macro Selection in the Macro Directory.

- Instead you can easily reuse a macro from within the navigator.

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